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Friday, 26 August 2016

Long Dream (2000)

What if mankind could possess immortality? That is what one doctor ponders in the Japanese made-for-tv film Long Dream. Based off a short manga story by Junji Ito, the H.P. Lovecraft vibe is strong. As the author is a self-professed fan, it's not difficult to see his influence. Director Higuchinsky is painstakingly true to the source material's imagery, almost to his detriment. From the spot-on casting to the horrific character transformations. The budget is obviously low, but the makeup effects are high-quality. They are mirror images from the manga, but they're almost cartoon-like, lacking a sense of logic and reality. It's refreshing to see an adaptation follow the original story so closely. It only extrapolates in the third act, and I believe it aids in strengthening motivations while creating emotional fodder for the characters. Unfortunately Higuchinsky fails in fashioning a successfully cohesive conclusion. He seems to have the same issue with 2000's Uzumaki as well.

2½ bulging eyeballs out of 5

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