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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Young Bruce Lee (2010)

aka Bruce Lee, My Brother

The pre-war era is presented in the faded colours that many Chinese period dramas seem to favour. As it moves forward in time the colour is allowed to progressively creep back in but retains a weird polished wood kind of lighting. None of that matters, though, because there's so much lens flare that it's impossible to stay focused on the people; it's as if a sentient and pernicious shaft of light is periodically taking a shit on your eyes. Some directors think it's a good idea to make use of that kind of crap in modern sci-fi, but it makes no sense whatsoever in a biographical period film.
Furthermore, when the best part of a film during the first ninety minutes is a training montage, then a single emotionally heroic act in the last twenty isn't enough to balance the books. YBL is fanciful in all the wrong ways.

2 roof views out of 5

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