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Friday, 12 August 2016


Smokey and The Bandit director Hal Needham does a fine job at collecting Razzie nominations with his gonzo sci-fi box office flop Megaforce.
Barry Bostwick (acting like a cross between Barry Gibb & Zapp Brannigan) plays a full of himself commander of a secret army of international soldiers asked to protect a country threatened by a nasty group of terrorists.
It's got the  aesthetics of an old Japanese sci-fi action show that's combed over with a G.I. Joe-esque campiness and flamboyant characters that enjoy wearing tight shiny gold jumpsuits that showcase their unusually prominent dick bulges.  It's pure mind-numbing shit but the pleasant type of mind-numbing shit that requires minimal wiping.

1½ animated pig surprises out of 5

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Neg said...

I have to see this shit every time I look for American Goseiger stuff on Amazon -_-