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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Race Against Time (2000)

James Gabriel needs money if he's to pay his son's medical bills. If he doesn't find the cash promptly then the boy will die. It's the future, so there are ways, but there are also consequences – the big business type!
Without changing a single thing in the screenplay, if RAT had been made by someone like Cameron or Scott and starred whoever flavour of the month is at Hollywood Towers then it would've made millions at the summer box office; not because those guys are considered better directors than Geoff Murphy, but because it would've received more hype and more distribution. The script has everything in it that a typical, cleverer than usual, summer science fiction blockbuster has – even an amped-up action movie ending that sullies most of what came before it. As it exists, by TV standards, which is where it found a home, it's a better than average flick.

3 resource bracelets out of 5


Neg said...
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Neg said...

He really is becoming the next The Richard Kind :laugh:

Can't edit, huh? Have to delete... Lame.

Dr Faustus said...

I'm somewhat more forgiving of people's acting in B and TV Movies. But, even so, I've definitely been getting better Eric movies than the shit you guys got.