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Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Ambulance (1990)

A woman (Janine Turner) is lifted into the back of an ambulance from a busy New York street in broad daylight, but she never arrives at the hospital. Comic book artist Josh's (Eric Roberts) day job doesn't give him the skills needed to figure out why, but he investigates, nevertheless.
It would be an average thriller if not for the sarcastic wit of almost everyone involved. It gives it a special quality. For that reason, when the script goes directly from sinister to blackly comedic it never feels out of place. You expect laughs from Red Buttons, but James Earl Jones does it equally as well.
It's strange that Megan Gallagher isn't featured on the cover, because she plays a larger role than some of the people who are and she plays it faultlessly. Ultimately, it's a well-cast movie and an enjoyable watch.

3 white coats out of 5

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