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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Before it was a stop-motion animated film in 2012, Tim Burton's Frankenweenie was a 30-minute black & white live-action short film that got him fired from Disney Studios for being too damned weird for their taste.
After his dog is killed by a car, Young Victor Frankenstein resurrects the poor mutt from the dead much to the dismay of the quiet suburban neighborhood's snooty residents.
It's a pleasant little "horror" film for the whole family with it's Ed Wood-ian like film-making and monster movie aesthetics tossed into a typical white picket fence suburb.  While still an inspired film-maker Burton makes the best with what little budget he had at the time, including some nifty dog POV shots that reminded me of an adorable Evil Dead salute.
It simply tickles the twisted funny bones and reminds one why they liked Burton's work in the first place.

4 jump-starts out of 5

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