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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Director James DeMonaco's final film in The Purge trilogy, Election Year, is frighteningly too similar to the current events going on in the world today.
On the brink of a major U.S. election, the night of The Purge means big trouble for a senator who means to put an end to the event should she be elected president.
The first two films had the potential to explore the idea with plenty of satire, metaphors and social deconstructions but never really did.  So now it seems DeMonaco has gone all out and ignores subtly with his heavy-handed critique on American violence, gun control, racism and economic inequalities.  Sure it explores some heavy themes but the exploitive b-movie violence and mayhem is still fully intact making for a twisted joyride.  Based upon the glamorization of violence, I'm not entirely clear where the film stands but one can't deny it's pulpy glee that spews forth with unapologetic pleasure.

3 Parties in the U.S.A. out of 5

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