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Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Crazies (2010)

Would The Crazies (1973) have got a remake if it hadn't been a George Romero film? It's unlikely. But here we are, and the result isn't too bad.
The combine harvester scene made me think, 'Yes, this could actually be good!' It was soon followed by a lame jump scare and I began to doubt my earlier assumption. But I stayed because I was curious to see what changes would be made to the story. There were many and a lot of them were even beneficial. Good job. Unfortunately, the script doesn't know when to stop trying to be bigger and better than its source, and by the end reaches levels of stupid that ensure I'll not give it a second viewing.
It earns praise for not being a simple rehash - it's modernised both in how it's shot and in how the response team deal with the situation.

3 well-forked ladies out of 5

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