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Friday, 15 July 2016


Director Nicolas Winding Refn's deeply disturbing psychological horror film, The Neon Demon, goes out of it's way to polarize audience's feelings.
A young aspiring model moves to Los Angeles to pursue her career, where she meets a horde of people in the industry that, like a Hellhole, would like to swallow her whole.
On the outside it seems like a hypnotically scathing look at the fashion business but dig a little deeper and you'll find in it's an immensely distressing love letter to beautiful disgust.  Elle Fanning cements herself as an acting force to be reckoned with for years to come as the supporting cast all do a wonderful job at making the best of their parts as well.  As a lover of off-beat horror films, this one doesn't disappoint with it's stunning visuals, Cliff Martinez's pulsating score and plenty of frightening moments that will be impossible to scrub from the traumatized mind.

4 cougars out of 5

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