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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

KEANU [2016]

TV sketch comedy duo Key & Peele (and their frequent director, Peter Atencio) take their evident love for movies and make one of their own.
Keanu follows two middle-class suburban fellas that clumsily pose as dangerous drug dealers in order to retrieve their stolen kitten.
K&P take the one-joke fish-out-of-water set-up and nearly make it work for the entirety of the film.  It loses some steam in several spots, mostly when the plot starts veering off course but thanks to the two lead's chemistry and charisma it never grows too stale.  The influences are worn on the film's sleeve, while there are some well-placed in-jokes that only the most hardened fans of film & TV will pick up (Cheddar? Brilliant).
To top it all off, this is probably one of the most adorable kittens to ever grace the screen.

3 fluffy pink bunny head's that'll stab you in the eye out of 5

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