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Tuesday, 19 July 2016


It's a hard-knock life for bunnies in Martin Rosen's animated adaptation of Richard Adams' classic novel, Watership Down.
After the inevitable destruction of their warren by the hands of man, a group of rabbits flee in search of a new home where they faces the many dangers of the world around them.
Beautifully animated with a mature sense of realism and harsh violence makes it a little questionable as proper viewing for the kidlets but undeniably wonderful storytelling for the older crowd.  It tells of heroism, survival and finding hope & primal danger in the strangest of places.  The way the film deals with violence & death is honest and unforgiving but that's what where it packs it's necessary punches.  Fans of the novel might find some blatant problems with changes Rosen made to the narrative but for the film they all make sense.

4 Black Bunnies of Death out of 5

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