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Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Cryptically serving as both a prequel and a sequel to the short-lived cult-hit television series, director David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me takes the viewer down a darker road than puzzled audiences expected.
By chronicling the final seven days of Laura Palmer's life (beautifully led by Sheryl Lee), the film didn't have a whole lot of reason to visit the comical quirkiness of damned fine coffee and heavenly cherry pie, which served as key elements as to why mainstream viewers loved the series in the first place.
Heavily weighing in on themes of incest, addiction, psychological abuse and other unpleasant topics the film manages to make sense of some of more baffling moments in the television series in such an oblique manner it might go over your head upon first glance.
More psychological thriller than oddball soap opera, FWWM is on my short list of films I've seen well over 20 times because it's a near-perfect exquisitely sinister mind-twister.

4 toe-heads out of 5


Dr Faustus said...

I don't mind that it's different in tone. I love it for what it is and the emotions it stirs.

5 angels gone away out of 5

cuckoo said...

I don't mind that change in tone at all.
In fact I prefer it over the series' tone.
I suppose it came off differently in the Nut though.

My only little problem is it's just a bit too long.
...and it's almost always at the same spot I realize it.

With a bit more mild trimming here and there it could have been perfect.

The Harold scene probably could have been deleted entirely and made for a wonderful addition to The Missing Pieces.

Dr Faustus said...

No, it comes across fine. You mentioned that it didn’t have a real need to be the same.

I was being general, referring more to criticisms that we both know have been directed at it from lots of other fans who say it isn't good because it's different.

You should do a missing pieces Nut. I know it wasn't a standalone release, but it'd be a great companion piece.

cuckoo said...

I've been tossing and turning over a Missing Pieces nut.
I might take it to The Cuckoo Clock...
...and possibly right a larger review for this film as well.
As I was Nutting I found I cut out two lengthy chunks already and knew I could write a whole lot more on it.

Don't be surprised if this Nut is edited and slightly changed in the's not exactly what I wanted to say but haven't found the right words or what exactly I wanted to tackle.

I've been putting off this one for so long I knew it had to be done.
It was in the Drafts bin for over 2 years. :laugh: