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Friday, 15 July 2016

Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)

Tradition dictates that at age thirteen a young witch should leave her home in order to continue her training elsewhere. For Kiki it's an adventure that ends up being equal parts hard work; but she's headstrong when necessary, and with the help of her friend Jiji (a cat) she strives to make her mark.
Through delicate pacing it teaches us that each person has a purpose, even if they aren't aware of it or don't consider what they do to be anything special. If you dare to rise to a challenge, do your best for yourself and for others, then the rewards can more than equal the effort put in.
It's not action-packed and doesn't need a dramatic setting to be appreciated (you can watch it on a sunny day), but it's refreshingly sincere, and the attention to detail in the environments is noteworthy, making the houses feel lived-in, which gives them a beauty all of their own.
There's a scene during the credits, so don't turn off too soon.

4 uplifting winds out of 5

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