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Sunday, 17 July 2016


Director Michael Bay makes an attempt to step into more mature movie-making with the explosive biographical war film 13 Hours.
It follows 6 members of a rough security team, stationed in Libya, that struggles to defend the U.S. compound from a violent terrorist attack.
The action is what is the star here and it delivers with some frighteningly intense warfare sequences where Bay's trademark chaotic film-making actually is used to great effect.  However, as one character says himself in the film, it's the downtime where the mind starts to wander and it couldn't be more true.  The acting is fine but it's boring characters leave much to be desired.  Sadly, the film is afraid to make mention of the political wrong-doings the U.S. made in this situation but maybe Bay just wanted to focus on the horrors of the direct situation.
Funny how Bay finally makes a film that isn't actually all that terrible and no one went to go see it.  Irony is a hilarious bitch.

3 interrupted dinners out of 5

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