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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999)

The military want to kill the kaijū with their new weapons. Meanwhile, a father and daughter team study Godzilla as it heavy-foots through the city. Not just from afar, they're like storm chasers getting up close and personal.
Firstly, most of the relationships are underdeveloped. It's a definite weakness, but the upside is they're not forced into predicable shapes, and the methods used to strengthen them don't descend into boring clichés.
Secondly, while the idea behind the creature that Godzilla is destined to fight is interesting, the actual result is arse. They tried something different but sadly it didn't work out. Consequently, the finale isn't very exciting.
The FX composites aren't good. But the suit! Wow! Godzilla's maw looks like it could rip chunks from a tank. The creature's size in relation to the environment is perfect. And the dorsal plates? Ridiculously huge - I love it!

It’s the 23rd film in the series and the 1st in the Millennium era (i.e. standalone, alternative sequels to the 1954 original).

3 dangerous desires out of 5

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