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Monday, 25 July 2016

Amityville Dollhouse (1996)

Film number eight features a man and woman, each with kids from a previous relationship, who move their makeshift family into a newly built house—newly built, that is, upon the site of the old Amity house!
The evil emanates from a doll house that looks like 112 Ocean Avenue once did. It's a daft idea, but I could roll with it because even though it's another damn cursed item story, kind of, it's also an effigy and those I'm okay with.
The acting is reasonably competent. The effects are fun (living dead guy was great). The music is average. But the finale? What the fuck is that all about? It was peaking the bullshit meter, and probably took up half the budget.
I never owned a doll house. But I had a Castle Grayskull. Same difference.

1½ problems with gas out of 5


cuckoo said...


...even Saw didn't have eight films.
Once ye start ye can't stop.

Dr Faustus said...

I've one more Amity related post scheduled, but this is as far as I went with the films because the next one was a remake.

Wiki lists another nine after that! I'm not even kidding.

cuckoo said...


Another 9?

Holy feck.

We should bring in bud to finish it up for the sake of the inevitable Collection. XD

budarc said...

I actually never made it past the original. Usually when the first entry in a series is bad, it only goes downhill from there. (The remake with Ryan Reynolds was even worse.) It also explains why I never made it past Friday the 13th Part II (I skipped directly to Jason Goes to Hell) or the first three Hellraiser movies. A tip of the hat to Doc for getting so far.