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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

All Monsters Attack (1969)

The tenth Godzilla film is a difficult one for me to review. It's a kid's film in which a bullied young boy named Ichiro dreams himself on Monster Island, finding in Minilla (Godzilla's son) a kindred spirit who's also being bullied. It's maybe a helpful and even inspiring work for children in a similar position to Ichiro. But for anyone wanting an actual Godzilla movie, it's mostly footage we've seen before reused with some abysmal Minilla fights added.
What's interesting is that all the kaijū scenes are imagined, so we're never quite sure if the creatures actually exist outside of that realm. Is it really a Godzilla film? Or is it a film that just happens to feature Godzilla as a plot device? Either way, unless you're an Ichiro, it's a struggle to maintain interest, with the only saving grace being that it's a mere 69 minutes long.

1 squashed tail out of 5

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