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Monday, 25 July 2016

HUSH [2016]

Director Mike Flanagan reformats Wait Until Dark for the modern generation with the delightfully tightly woven home invasion thriller Hush.
Instead of a blind Audrey Hepburn, we have Flanagan's wife (and co-writer), Kate Siegel, playing a deaf woman using her handicap to fend off a crossbow wielding psychotic who's taking a fancy to hunting her from outside of her tiny woodland house.
With the main character being deaf it makes for an interesting watch due to minimal dialogue and a delicate nerve-shattering attention to sound design.  Another admiral element to the story is instead of trying to build tension with the whole "where's the killer?" trope, we're treated to an intensely intimate game of cat & mouse through the mind of an established author.  Flanagan's concise pacing and the duo performances keep the film going when it becomes to "slashery" and when it's not it's a deliciously vicious little gem.

3½ B I T C H-y cats out of 5

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