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Friday, 1 July 2016

The Thing from Another World (1951)

There's something fishy buried at the North Pole; something not of this world. A small group of scientists and US Air Force men inadvertently unleash it!
Unlike the remake, the original TTfAW is a sci-fi that keeps its horror mostly hidden, for both financial and creative reasons (it looked stupid up close). As such, it's very talky. While some of the dialogue is good, I find it difficult to accept the men as anything more than written stock types; the women even less so. Still, I acknowledge that by 1950's standards it's better than average.
It's credited to Christian Nyby (Dir), but may or may not have been directed by Hawks; I believe at least a part of it was.
When it comes to FX it's more clear cut: it has one absolutely amazing scene that's different but equal in power to what Carpenter later did.

3 cold meets out of 5

PS. A colourised version exists, if you like that kind of 'thing'. I don't, so I've not watched it.

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