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Friday, 30 October 2015


Tesis director Alejandro Amenábar's English language debut, The Others, is a good old fashioned Gothic ghost story.
Nicole Kidman plays a troubled mother of two ill children who live in a big ol' isolated house which plays host to a series of supernatural events.  Kidman is at her best when she's playing slightly mad people and here she excels, with the help of some impressive child casting, the always mildly creepy Fionnula Flannagan and some truly creepy photography.  Instead of needing flashy FX or rapid edits, The Others slowly chills the bones with it's slow-burning reveals and quiet but really eerie atmosphere.  I love me a good ghost story and this one delivered the goods with full satisfaction.

4 foggy days out of 5


Dr Faustus said...

I liked it, too. Nicole can do good work when she has a good script to work with.

4 dusty drapes out of 5.

cuckoo said...

Kidman gives me the wiggins.

She's so very believable when she's playing unstable people.
Right to the point where I question if she's really acting.