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Friday, 30 October 2015

Physical Evidence (1989)

The opening few minutes of PE pulled something exciting from its bag of tricks that I’d never seen before. Unfortunately, that left the bag empty. The remainder of the story, about a suspended cop and his stiff-assed attorney together on a mission to clear his name, is forgettable stuff.
I like Theresa Russell but fully acknowledge that she needs the correct kind of role in order to be believable, the same way Keanu or Jennifer Tilly do, but PE certainly isn't it and if it’s your first time seeing her you’ll maybe be put off for life. Furthermore, the only appealing element in Burt’s tired role is what he brought to it simply by being Burt.
It throws a few moments of courtroom drama into the mixture to break up the investigative side of things; they’re just as bland.

1½ nuisance phone calls out of 5

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