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Monday, 5 October 2015

Mission to Mars (2000)

It was interesting for me to see how De Palma applied his technique to sci-fi, but it's a chiefly dull experience otherwise. A believable bond between the characters is integral to the plot, so too is our connection to them. It's non-existent in both cases. The latter is subjective. The former is something that should've been in the script or more acutely played-up by the actors. When they share feelings, I yawned. When they're in peril, I almost dozed off.
When the 'thought-provoking' part of the story finally comes it seems better than it is by comparison. When it's all over, and you reflect on what happened, the mission to mediocrity was just about worth the time taken to get there.

2½ countdowns out of 5

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