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Monday, 19 October 2015

NOROI [2005]

aka The Curse

Japanese director Kôji Shiraishi succeeds in making a decent found footage flick with the supernatural horror film Noroi.
It takes the usual video footage filmed by a missing documentarian story and fleshes it out into something both run-of-the-mill and oddly unique at the same time.
What starts out kind of silly and slow-moving, quietly unfolds into something far more creepier and haunting as it threatens to explode into madness and leave the viewer a quivering mess.  Shiraishi might use a lot of the over-used tropes of the genre but he slyly twists them into something to push the story forward and make them all his own.
It's seldom I'm thoroughly impressed with the found-footage genre but this one is a pretty solid inductee that definitely deserves more recognition than it's received over the years.

3½ tin foil coats out of 5

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