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Monday, 12 October 2015

Mad Max (1979)

As enjoyable as the first MM movie is, in hindsight it works better if you can look upon it as an extended prologue to the more entertaining MM 2 (1981), where the world is no longer on the verge of going to shit, as it is here, but has actually tipped over and fell face-first into it.
The first film has the feel of a B-Movie, but the on-the-road carnage is much better than what you’d normally get in that kind of commercial venture, and it’s not without some black humour to keep it from sinking under the weight of its own gloomy subject matter. The crew is to be applauded for making the scenario believable. Max, however, is kind of boring as a family man/highway interceptor, but gets a lot more interesting once he gets his ‘mad’ on.

3 fuel injected threshold moments out of 5

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