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Friday, 2 October 2015

Yello: Touch Yello: The Virtual Concert (2009)

A regular filmed concert is too mainstream for the Swiss duo. Instead, they made a virtual auditorium and filled it with arty weirdness and women staring longingly at the viewer. It starts out in classy black and white and then gradually gives way to a stylish arrival of colour.
So far so good, but the blue screen effects lack the kind of warmth the music needed as a backdrop. Sometimes the emptiness of the venue makes us feel as if the entire performance is exclusively for us, but other times it makes us feel like a distanced onlooker. It was an interesting idea, like most of Yello’s crazy conceptual ideas are, it just didn't work for me.
Some of the hits are reworked versions that aren't as good as their original album counterparts. Nevertheless, seeing Dieter Meier smirk his way through a full set is entertaining. If I had his bank balance I'd be smirking too.

2½ musical images out of 5

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