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Friday, 30 October 2015


The Day of the Beast

From the Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia comes El día de la Bestia, a gonzo satirical horror-comedy that is criminally unknown within Western culture.  
It follows a priest, who commits as many horrible sins possible, when he discovers the birth date of The Antichrist and means to get in the Beasties' inner circle to put an end to it before it can destroy the world.  Late actor Álex Angulo does a fantastic job at portraying the bumbling priest who may or may not be batshit insane, while the rest of the cast hand in some pretty hilarious performances that add a bizarre mixture of warmth, evil and all around craziness to the already off-kilter tone of the film.  It's low budget is hidden beneath some outlandish camera work, fascinating editing and wonderful set-pieces that all compliment the insane fun to be had.

4 acid "trips" out of 5

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