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Saturday, 31 October 2015

HIDDEN [2015]

Writer/directors The Duffer Brothers make their debut with the uniquely slow-burning epidemic thriller, Hidden.
A family of three have taken cover in a bomb shelter from deadly virus that's wiped out humanity and turned the rest of the survivors into killers known only as "Breathers".
What's unique about this little film, is 3/4 of it takes places in the bomb shelter and depends on captivating the audience with everything that could go wrong within the confines of the fallout shelter.  The so-called "Breathers" aren't seen or heard of until the final moments of the film, so "zombie" fans need to go elsewhere if they're seeking out a fast-paced gore-fest.  The lead performances help elevate the film into believability and raise the tension, which could have been a real bore had it not been executed with more care.   It's by no means a perfect film but does a fantastic job at holding one's attention with very little to work with.

3 dirty dollies out of 5

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