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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Full Metal Jacket (1987)

The first third of FMJ illustrates the hell that new recruits are put through in order to become USMC killing machines. The tyrant drill instructor breaks them and then rebuilds them his way. It’s a barrage of verbal, physical and mental abuse that’ll have you howling with inappropriate, guilty laughter.
Once the recruits are deemed worthy they’re categorically shipped to Vietnam to put their killing skills to the test. You’d expect the pace to increase in the field, but it actually slows, giving the soldiers time to reflect on why they’re even there, and offering a viewer a glimpse into the different kinds of pressure each one feels. Mostly it follows Pvt. 'Joker' Davis (Matthew Modine), but, as usual, the stylised eye of Kubrick dominates everything.

5 boom booms, long time out of 5

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