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Friday, 30 October 2015


Director Todd Strauss-Schulson rolls the trashy '80s' slasher flick through a Pleasantville-esque puddle of blood in the horror-spoof The Final Girls.
A modern teen & her friends find themselves magically pulled kicking and screaming into her dead mother's famous 80's cult-slasher, Camp Bloodbath and must face-off with the machete wielding killer while trying not to affect the course of the original film.  With it's elements of Back to the Future, the film tries but doesn't quite reach the wit of The Cabin in the Woods or Scream but gives the bad horror film genre a delightfully fun run for it's money.  However what it lacks in cleverness (and scariness), it makes up for with non-stop humor and a surprising amount of heart.

3 self-aware slo-mo shots out of 5

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