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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Event Horizon (1997)

A lone recovery ship travels to the deep, murky edges of known space to investigate the reappearance of a vessel that was previously lost. When they get there they don’t find powdered milk and space cookies.
It’s a solid science fiction/horror premise that has a decent build-up, thanks in part to some of the cast, but ultimately fails to deliver anything worthwhile. The final third in particular is lacklustre and overly-formulaic, leaving even the bigger questions unanswered.
There seemed to be no practical reason why the ship interiors would look like they do, but they’re certainly the most visually interesting and memorable part of the whole thing. The fake bulkheads are the star of the show.

2 bespoke terrors out of 5

1 comment:

cuckoo said...

Thought this movie was shite.
Saw it in the theater.

When I discovered the bathroom stalls had ashtrays I found it more fun smoking cigarettes on the shitter than watching the film. I did just that.