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Thursday, 22 October 2015


Director Ted Geoghegan's feature length debut, We Are Still Here, is a loving homage to the works of Lucio Fulci with a heavy dose of American Gothic.
After the tragic death of their son, a middle-aged couple move out to an isolated country home that is feared by the townsfolk that surround it...and with good reason.
Like The House of the Devil, the film mimics the look, tone and editing techniques of the '70's and it does so with great success making for a short but scary little ghost story.  The gory practical effects take center stage, but it sure helps that classic scream queen Barbara Crampton is on board, almost shadowing over Lisa Marie's painfully horrible performance.  It's refreshing to see a cast of old folks take on the nasty ghoulies, which makes for unfamiliar territory resulting in scares that are all the more effective.

3½ tasty socks out of 5

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