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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Keanu Reeves stars in director Eli Roth's home invasion thriller Knock Knock, a remake of a 1977 B-movie, Death Game.
Family man Keanu is home alone for the weekend, when one rainy night two soaking wet young girls knock on the door asking for help, so naturally the gentleman that he is invites them in and things begin to get out of control in the worst (or best?) ways.
Roth, who's known for extreme gore, opts to disturb the viewer with unsettling subject matter and squirm-worthy situations that are at times so outrageous they're hilarious.  As always, Keanu's acting goes from embarrassingly terrible to almost believable but it's actually to the two unknown girls (one is Roth's wife) that steal the show with their deliciously psychotic violent tendencies.
The film is pure trash, that may or may not be trying to make a statement but still it's too much bad fun to stop watching.

2½ vinyl collections out of 5


Neg said...

2 soaking wet girls looking for help? It's too much to hope that it'll end the way I want it to, isn't it?

cuckoo said...

Keanu throws them in the dryer and goes back to his daily business?

Neg said...

More like finds a Japanese dude and sews them to him,

Borderline said...

"Too much bad fun to stop watching?" Wrong. I stopped before the hour mark. It was that bad. This isn't a movie. It's one long awkward situation. I'll finish it later, but I'm actually dreading it.