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Monday, 18 January 2016

CUCKOO [2009]

Director Richard Bracewell slow-burn thriller, the sexfully titled Cuckoo, spends all it's time brooding in the shadows.
At first it's really about a woman who begins losing her marbles as her life is falling apart around her but then it takes a jarring shift of focus and almost seems like it's aiming to lose the viewer's attachment to the story.
No one in the film seems to know how to turn on a damned light and leaves the whole thing wallowing in the shadows, which is occasionally effective but mostly it just doesn't sit right.  Fortunately there's some wonderful performances for some one-dimensional characters and Andrew Hewitt's chilling music is fantastic but distractingly out of place here.
It's a mess of a film that will win some with it's odd approach but in the end lose most because it's just not that well done.

2 voices in the dark out of 5


Docrate1 said...

where we're going we don't need pants.

I bet that's wwhat you thought, you pervert narcissist birdie ;)

cuckoo said...

That's what I always think. :D