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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Doggy Poo (2004)

A stop-motion + claymation short from Korea that's about a piece of shit but certainly can't be labelled as one, because, all jokes aside, it's a glorious, heart-warming story with a lot more depth than you'd expect it to have.
The ass-squirt is an adorable, rosy-cheeked little guy able to talk, think and feel; he even has a cute, pinched top curl. He becomes aware of his own existence while lying by the side of a road, and the terrors of what that mean begin to work upon him. I'd class it suitable for children, but the philosophical and existential themes it presents may be too much for some.

4 answers blowing in the wind out of 5


cuckoo said...

:shock: Bending the laws of the universe by wiping your nuts on a piece of shit that is actually good?

Let us fap.

budarc said...

The only movie about a fucking piece of shit on the ground that stained my face with piss-coloured tears. Now whenever I go to the bathroom, I stare lovingly into the eyes of my dookie (sometimes I'll reach in and shake its little hand) before I pull the trigger and sentence it to a lifetime of a dreary sewer wasteland. :'(

I wonder if Cat Shit One is the sequel?

cuckoo said...

The fact that your boneless brown trouts have little hands to shake me wonder if you shouldn't be seeing a Doctor.

budarc said...

I have plenty of reasons to see a doctor for. That's low on my priority list.

Sometimes I get so lonely I'll fish one out of the bowl and nuzzle it for a little while. One time I tried to nurse a turd and raise it as my own kin. Long story short, I ended up with a brown spot in the bed.