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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


aka Writers

In an unexpected turn, India gives us it's take on the mumblecore genre with writer/director Amit Masurkar's realistically funny Sulemani Keeda.
It follows two struggling screenwriters-to-be who hopelessly push their script around town, while juggling their own friendship, the blossoming relationships that come along the way as well as attempting to crank out a screenplay that doesn't follow the typical Bollywod formula.  There's plenty of in-jokes that will fly over Western audiences head, however they pack in enough universal humor and heart to never feel pretentious.   Narratively speaking there's nothing new here but it manages to pack in plenty of boys being boys giggles, some cleverly inventive editing and a warmth that is hard not to win one over by the end.

4 lustless, angry, dark orgies out of 5

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