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Monday, 11 January 2016

ROOM [2015]

Frank director Lenny Abrahamson delivers a whirlwind of emotions in Room, an adaptation of Irish-Canadian Emma Donoghue's critically acclaimed novel.
It tells the compelling story of a young woman (brilliantly played by Brie Larson) who's raised her five year old son in hostile captivity, forcing her to teach him everything she knows and hide the outside world from him to prevent any sort of trouble from their abusive captor.
It's essentially about the willful bond between a mother and her son, their different co-dependencies & independencies, as well as a series of short but necessarily powerful moments with other family members.  How they adjust to the world around them is difficult viewing that aims straight for the gut, with some huge emotional moments and others are so subtle and small you might not take note until much later.    In the end, I wanted to give my mom a big exhausted hug and thank her for everything she's sacrificed for my well-being, no matter how hard it all got.

5 rotten teeth out of 5

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