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Monday, 18 January 2016


Director Matthew Heineman's Cartel Land documents the war against the Mexican drug cartel occurring on both sides of the border.
After both the American & Mexican government failed to protect their own people, some bat-shit crazy vigilantes found they had no choice but to fight to protect what they love and we get an in-depth look at their day-to-day life.
Littered with scenes of severed heads, bullet-dodging, cadavers galore and disturbingly brutal beatings it's pretty obvious there was no intention to candy-coat anything for the viewer.  Heineman isn't afraid to intimately approach those involved within Cartel and here is where the picture is proven to be not quite as black & white as we initially think it is.  The flow is a little wonky at times and it feels a bit pointless when we know there's nothing that will ever put a stop it to it.
It makes me think back to The Wire on how one can't call this shit a war, because wars actually end.

3 night-time cook-outs out of 5

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