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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


aka Captain Falcon

Portuguese director João Leitão's Capitão Falcão is part gnashing political satire and part slapstick superhero comedy.
Set near the end of the Salazar years in Portugal, uber-patriotic fascist masked crusader Captain Falcon is out to save his country from the Communist pigs along with his trusted Chinese sidekick, Partridge Kid.
If you could imagine the Zucker Brothers & Jim Abrahams during their greatest year, directing an episode of the old Green Hornet series then you get the idea of the tone of the film.  It's silly.  Really really silly, but, boy, is it ever fucking funny.  Not only does it take some shit-eating grinned jabs at politics, it takes delight in offending anyone who has no idea of the dictatorship history of the country.  A complete box-office bomb in it's own home, Capitão Falcão set out to teach it's people a lesson no one was ready to learn.  

3½ Communinjas out of 5

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