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Thursday, 21 January 2016


aka Yakuza Apocalypse

Director Takashi Miike's massive filmography is wildly inconsistent in quality but it's almost always guaranteed to be an off-the-wall spectacle of what-the-fuckeries.  Gokudō Daisensō is no exception.
It's about a young gangster, turned vampire by his dying crime boss, who is forced to go on a deranged mission of revenge and then things get weird.  Like, really really weird.
By stuffing everything but the kitchen sink into this film, it'll probably repel a lot of audiences who like coloring inside the lines.  There's a slight commentary on organized crime but for the most part Miike aims to be as nonsensical as possible and has a great ol' time doing it.  If you're not laughing then you're probably wondering what the flying fuck that giant frog is doing with his belly-button.
At times it's just a little too erratic for it's own good but it's still a pretty great film to pop in for a drunken midnight movie marathon.

3 leaky ears out of 5

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