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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

AMY [2015]

Asif Kapadia, the director of Senna, gives us a glimpse into the heart-breaking world of troubled neo-soul singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse, who sadly joined the 27 Club in 2011.
Amy collects a series of intimate interviews with the late songstress to tell her story in her own words, with scattered observations from the people who surrounded her, some of whom need a good punch square in the face.
When she was happy, Winehouse was a beautiful, funny, shy talent that glowed with tenderness, love and wonder.  However when her demons got the best of her, she was crass, unsightly and void of a care in the world.  The film portrays her as a victim to a world around that wanted nothing but to expose her talents for greed, self-service and made no apology at taking cruel potshots at her personal struggles.  As depressing as it all is, the film also shines a well-deserved spotlight on her inspiring talents, person and the passion she brought to the world.
I wasn't all that familiar with her work before this film but I've since become a fan.

4 shitty men in one's life out of 5

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