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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

WRECKER [2015]

Director Micheal Bafaro's road movie thriller Wrecker wishes it was Duel.
Emily & Leslie are on their way out of state and pass by the wrong truck, leading to a murderous chase along the deserted California highway.
The two girls might be nicer to look at than Dennis Weaver was but they sure as hell aren't nearly as talented, enticing or as smart.  They're completely blank-minded twits with character "arcs"so  all over the map you can't help but smell the foul odor of bad writing.  Where there should be tension there's a huge lump of boredom gnawing into your brain, while you wait for the 80 minutes to finish up in a more hurried fashion.

1 rip-off, not remake out of 5.

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