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Wednesday, 6 January 2016


2015 saw one of Pixar Animation's greatest achievements with Inside Out and, now with director Peter Sohn's feature length debut The Good Dinosaur, it's seen one of it's biggest fumbles as well.
The touching story of a dinosaur & his cave-boy, who bond as they journey through the savage wilderness in hopes to find their ways back home doesn't quite make it's mark.  
It features all the usual Pixar ingredients to make for a good time, including humor, a wide variety of colorful characters, beautifully rendered animation and a unique look at the world.  However it's missing the inventive storytelling full of depth and sophistication we've all come to expect from the studio, making it far from memorable compared to it's more mature predecessors.
It might not live up to the studios usual standards but it never feels like you're wasting your time because you could probably being doing a lot worse when it comes to the family-friendly films.

3 oddly placed drug trips out of 5

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