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Monday, 18 January 2016


Director Alex Ross Perry's psychological horror film Queen of Earth is the type of subtle terror that you're not fully aware of until it's already crawled deep into your psyche.
It's about two besties whose friendship is growing apart as they grow older, resulting in one of the girls to lose grip on her already fragile sanity.
Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss delivers a powerfully convincing performance as the nutty as a fruitcake women that is quite frankly very unsettling to watch from beginning to end.  The film runs along a baffling pace that isn't easy to jump onto until you realize that was it's sinister intentions. The heavy feeling of unease is built up wonderfully over long scenes of awkward conversations, nerve-wracking sound effects & music, disorienting camera shots and dizzying character confrontations that are hilariously uncomfortable to watch.  It's not a particularly pleasant watch but an thoroughly easy film to admire for it's masterful nightmarish execution.

4 salads out of 5

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