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Friday, 1 January 2016

Easy Rider (1969)

Two bikers with a secret cargo traverse the Southern parts of America en route to Mardi Gras, each one epitomising freedom in their own way.
Dennis Hopper's character is talkative, prone to frequent upset and often strung-out. In contrast, Peter Fonda's character is quiet, amiable and introspective. On the road they're at peace, self-governing and equal. But the closer they get to 'civilisation' the more hostile life becomes.
Counterculture films don't get much better or iconic than Easy Rider. The natural lighting and partly improvised script give it a kind of timely truth that other films lack. Almost everything about its structure just feels right. Even the freaky-deaky scene in the cemetery has a sincerity about it.
A ton of clones exist but nothing to equal it that I'm aware of. The soundtrack is so good that you even look forward to the musical montages.

5 campfire smokes out of 5

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