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Saturday, 14 November 2015


Project X director Nima Nourizadeh gives Jason Bourne a stoner makeover in the offbeat action flick, American Ultra.
A smalltown pothead discovers he's a sleeper agent killing machine, who's recently been activated much to the government's dismay, after they've tried to have him eliminated.
It takes the one-joke premise and manages to flesh it out into something with a little more substance than one might expect from such a film.  If not for it's two likable leads, the mean-spirited humor and malicious violence might have sucked out any sort of comedic appeal the flick had going for it.  It's bloody violent and seems to show no remorse in being so, however somewhere within all the smoke there's a small heart giving it a slight purpose.
It's a mess of a film but somehow entertaining if you're not the light-hearted type that believes in the good in everyone.

3 crazy, scary rabid puppies that murder people out of 5

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