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Monday, 23 November 2015


Director Wolfgang Petersen made his English language debut by bastardizing Michael Ende's fantasy novel The NeverEnding Story.
The tale, set in the modern day, of young Bastian who steals a mysterious book from a off-beat bookstore is still firmly intact, however the rest about the fantasy world of Fantasia (Fantistica for you book readers) is nearly unrecognizable from it's source material.
Here's the thing though: it might be painfully inconsiderate of it's roots but as a standalone film for children, it's filled with wonder and imagination that will hopefully serve as stepping stone towards other fantasy novels.  Like some of the Jim Henson films of it's time, NES isn't afraid to explore some pretty dark themes that might be a bit much for the younger ones.  It also has some sloppy pacing and clunky ideas that have nowhere to go considering it doesn't take the novel's conclusion into consideration.  In the end, it's about embracing your imagination and that's where the movie stands true to it's source material, nostalgia goggles or not.

3 swamps of sadness out of 5


Dr Faustus said...

The film was a childhood favourite of mine. I saw it before reading the book.

I loved how the different places had their own corresponding text colour in the novel.

Impudent Urinal said...

Nostalgia Goggles are bolted to my face with this one as well. Couldn't take them off if I tried. I've never read the book. It actually never occurred to me to find a copy until right now.
4 "Big, Strong Hands" out of 5