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Saturday, 14 November 2015


In an attempt to cash in on the comic book blockbuster hoopla of 1989's Batman, writer/actor/director/egomaniac Warren Beatty adapts Chester Gould's Golden Age comic strip, Dick Tracy, for the big screen.
Beatty stars as the yellow-cloaked detective who's life is made complicated by the rise of eccentric mob boss Big Boy Caprice.  Staying overly faithful to it's source material makes for a pretty one-dimensional story filled with a gaggle of one-dimensional characters.  On the plus side, it's all brought to life by some dazzling colorful visuals and entertaining performances from all the actors portraying the comical villains.  Even 25 years ago, Beatty was too old to play the action-hero and it shows with some clumsily executed stunts that reveal his fragility and inability to seem comic-book dashing.  The flashiness of the film is both it's greatest strength and weakness resulting in a beautifully unique wall of nothing.

2½ cement baths out of 5

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