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Thursday, 12 November 2015


Visual director Guillermo del Toro creeps over familiar territory with his Gothic romance/thriller Crimson Peak.
After a tragic event in her life, a young American woman moves to England with her new husband to a spooky old mansion that quite obviously has some bloody secrets buried beneath it.
Before, del Toro's non-English films were noticeably more mature than his North American films but here he seems to have finally found a way to lie between that border and revisit some of the themes, visuals and ideas he brought up in The Devil's Backbone.  It's a beautiful homage to the Hammer films with it's bright reds only representing death, the suffocating shadows and melodramatic music.  It's beautifully detailed atmosphere, well-spaced camerawork and extravagant set & costume designs almost make you forget the story is a little weak and offers no real surprises but if you're a fan of the director's previous films than this shouldn't present much of a problem.

3½ delicate butterflies out of 5

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