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Monday, 23 November 2015


...we came in?
Roger Waters The Wall concert film really doesn't need an introduction if you're familiar with Pink Floyd, their iconic album, the elaborate touring show production, the misfired cult film or the man behind the greater bulk of the compositions.
The film bounces back between extended sequences of his 2010-13 tour in various parts of the world to personally sublime moments of Waters traveling the European countryside, following in the tracks his father & grandfather made as soldiers during the World Wars.
The live sequences are beautifully shot, showcasing the intimacy of the Waters & the band as well as giving the viewer a good idea of the extravagance of the amazing live theatrics.  The 'intimate' melodramatic scenes in betwee, are clearly staged and all signs point to disaster, but Waters' sincerity allows us to truly believe in the moment.
Isn't this where...

4 more bricks out of 5


Dr Faustus said...

I was planning to pick this up on day of release (just last week over here) until I found out it was assembled like it is. I’ll likely still see it someday, but the CD of the gig is much more tempting.

cuckoo said...

Waters will be exclusively releasing the score from this film on the Super Duper Deluxe Uber Edition (or whatever it's called).


I really really liked the score too.
Was hoping it'd be on the what is called the OST album.

Still a decent listen though. Now you can mix and match from the multiple different live recordings of the album. :laugh:

Dr Faustus said...

I didn't know he'd composed additional stuff for the score. I'll wait and see how the super-derper edition gets released before deciding which version to buy. TY. TY.

cuckoo said...

They're brand new orchestral arrangements of the 'Outside the Wall' melody.

The one you hear first is really nice.
Reminded me of When The Tigers Broke Free.