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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Tactical Unit: The Code (2008)

The first of five TV Movies set after Johnnie To's PTU (2003). You don't need to have seen the original film in order to follow the story of each one.
Three members of the PTU are captured on CCTV while beating up a civilian (i.e. crook), but the picture is grainy and their faces aren't clear. While an internal division that deals with corrupt cops hunt for the truth, the guilty trio hunt for the one man who can identify them, the man they left bleeding in an alley. It’s a race against time for both parties.
The English subtitles aren't the best, but, really, we’re lucky to have received a western DVD release at all, so I'm not going to bemoan the spelling errors and frequent mixed tenses too much. I've seen a lot worse over the years.

3 wrong steps out of 5

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